Networking for the young(er) generation

By Monika Rumin NGen (Next Generation) is MBOT’s brand of networking and education series for young professionals aged 40 and younger.  NGen’s mission is to: –    Engage Professionals –    Develop Connections –    Create Opportunities The latest NGen event, held on

The Pros and Cons of Volunteering

By Marc Belaiche Whether your work experience is rich or minimal, there are many advantages, and some disadvantages, of volunteering if you are searching for a new job. This article explores both sides. PROS Learn a new skill – Volunteering

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Fight Cancer, With Data

By Devin Kreuger It’s April, which means it’s Daffodil Month—when fundraising for the fight against cancer ramps up, and all of us touched by the impact of cancer are reminded of how far we still have to go to achieve

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Ontario businesses secure $1.25B under government funding programs in single quarter

By Teri Kirk Businesses in Ontario secured $1.25 billion from government funding programs in the third quarter of 2014 alone – are you taking advantage of this important source of business funding? In fact, data compiled by The Funding Portal

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Online Marketing and Your Business Development Process

By Ben Molfetta To get maximum impact from your online marketing activities, they must support every phase of the business development process. In simple terms, your online business development process consists of getting found, educating and nurturing your prospects through

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Whose responsibility is it to prepare students for the workplace?

By Rosa Lokaisingh This question is an ongoing discussion for parents, students, academia and business today? Academia says their role is to provide students with an academic education that allows them a range of vocational choices in their related field

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Questions remain about Ontario’s Proposed Pension Plan

By Peter Nogalo Economists and actuaries have sounded the alarm that some Canadians are simply not saving enough for their retirements. Both the federal and provincial governments recognize this as a potential problem, with both supporting significantly different remedies. The

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Business learning on tap this month

By Candice Ragoonanan Another great month of networking events here at MBOT! Half way through April and we have hosted 2 amazing sold out events! The first event hosted by MBOT’s Women’s Leadership Forum was a resounding success, you won’t

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Closed loop marketing

By Chris Hubbard One of the most important success factors in B2B marketing is being able to track and understand which marketing initiatives are working and which ones are duds. Ideally, there is a “closed loop” system between marketing and

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Where is my Grandma’s will?

By Dorothy Hagel Managing someone else’s affairs is a significant responsibility and not an easy job. This job becomes even more difficult when locating documents and information becomes an issue. It is therefore very important to ensure that the people

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