The Alchemy of Fear

Author: Tania Kolar  At one time or another, most people have felt the unpleasant feelings induced by real or imagined fear. Fear can be immobilizing, but if we can take action to move past fear, we can transmute fear into

The Importance of Keeping your Antivirus Software up to Date

Author: Stephanie Baird Marketing and Communications LOGIX Data Products Inc. My computer keeps asking me to run antivirus updates; is it even important? The short answer; yes. We know, we know, every program and its mother (as the idiom goes)

The million-dollar differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Author: Ken Tencer , Spyder Works Inc. In these disruptive days, no company can grow without studying the entrepreneurial successes of such firms as Amazon, Google, Virgin and Uber. But there’s another type of entrepreneur you should be studying that

Understanding the Family-Business

Author: Philip J. Fogarty, KPMG Partner and GTA Audit Innovation Leader On the surface, family businesses share numerous traits with their non-familial peers. Dig deeper, however, and they are an entirely different breed. Priorities differ, issues of governance and succession

Meet the makers of Eco-Max

A short history of Prism Care Corporation, 2019’s Small Business of the Year. Two decades ago, the commercial cleaning landscape was on the cusp of change. Expectations for what defined a safe and effective cleaning experience were beginning to evolve.

Top 5 Deductions for Small Businesses

Author: Ali Raza Jaffer, CPA, CGA, MBA, BComm, Chartered Professional Accountant Taking the leap in becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most impactful changes one goes through as they evolve in striving towards their goals. As the small business