Why checking references has never been more important

By Marc Belaiche This article covers why reference checking has become a vital step in the hiring process for all organizations. Tougher Job Market Given the economic downturn of recent years, some job seekers may be more likely to take

Why Does Networking Make Me Feel Icky?

By Devin Kreuger I envy the folks who can, full of confidence and vigor, ‘work the room’ like a pro. It seems like magic to me. They seem to know precisely who to talk to, what to say, and how

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Top Tips for securing government funding

By Teri Kirk Ask any entrepreneur or executive about government funding and they will admit that the process of finding and accessing the right incentives can be complex and time-consuming. Here are some of the top obstacles encountered by entrepreneurs

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Businesses face unprecedented challenges but also have great opportunities in Mississauga

Businesses today are facing unprecedented challenges, Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) President & CEO Sheldon Leiba told members of the Port Credit BIA today at its monthly breakfast meeting.  Local Mississauga Councillor, Jim Tovey (Ward 1), was amongst the over

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Six things you must do to make email marketing work

Ben Molfetta Email marketing is a powerful tool that should be part of your online marketing strategy. Email is cost effective, and is an ideal vehicle for communicating with both prospects and existing customers. But as with any online marketing

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Growing gap between what business needs and what education provides

By Rosa Lokaisingh The lack of hard data in our marketplace – an information gap that makes it difficult to begin to understand which skills are required for employment, what practices are the most promising in training youth to become

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Who’s Counting? Quantity vs. Quality in Social Media

By Lisa Kember In case you haven’t already heard, the number of fans, followers and connections on social media doesn’t matter that much. It comes down to the old debate — quality versus quantity. The advocates for quality say it

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5 Fearless B2B Predictions for the rest of 2015

By Chris Hokansson What’s the rest of 2015 going to look like for B2B marketing? What’s working and what isn’t? What are the trends you need to pay attention to? As the director of a B2B marketing agency, I get

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Give your Strategic Plan a Healthy Dose of CLARITY

By Fred Pidsadny Let’s face it: many strategic plans are a collection of lengthy, meaningless and often-grandiose statements about mission and vision. Some can be uncomfortable to read aloud; others can be downright cringe-worthy. Indeed, some organizations spend precious time

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The delicate matter of mental “issues”

By Dorothy Hagel Naming the right estate trustee to administer the money for beneficiaries is the most important decision that has to be made during the estate planning process for any estate. Family dynamics, relationships, conflicts, personalities, acumen, skills, age

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