Is ageism depriving your company of top talent?

GUEST BLOGGER By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco Has your company reviewed its HR policies and practices for age prejudice? Has it committed to a multi-generational workforce as part of its diversity initiatives? Has it looked not just at how to combat ageism–in

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The Value of Downsizing

Guest Blogger By Laurie Usypchuk A garbage can should not be the picture that comes to mind when thinking of downsizing. Throwing away items should always be the last resort. But how do you make sure that this happens? First

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Networking for the young(er) generation

By Monika Rumin NGen (Next Generation) is MBOT’s brand of networking and education series for young professionals aged 40 and younger. NGen’s mission is to: –    Engage Professionals –    Develop Connections –    Create Opportunities You never know what to expect

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Best Practices for Using Social Media to Find Candidates

By Marc Belaiche With the significant increase in how much time people spend on social media, it’s no secret that when you’re looking to recruit for your organization, social media can be an effective medium for you to use to

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Mentoring A Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

By Devin Kreuger I wish I weren’t here right now. I’m back, enduring the slightly-warmer March temperatures, having just returned from ten days enjoying the glorious, sunny beaches of Hawaii. It wasn’t just a vacation. In fact, I was there

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The type of funding you likely haven’t heard about

By Teri Kirk Traditional government funding instruments like grants, contributions and tax credits are well known to Canadian businesses, but you may not have heard about vouchers, a new type of industrial incentive that could greatly contribute to your growth

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It’s all about CONTENT!

By Ben Molfetta To be successful online, you must commit to becoming a content developing organization. Fresh, relevant, and compelling content is central to online marketing success. As more consumers and buyers rely on online sources to make purchasing decisions,

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Innovation! The missing link to successful business development!

By Rosa Lokaisingh “You don’t have to be creative to be a brilliant innovator! Listening carefully is the soul of innovation and the reason I take some pride in not being creative. I’m good at listening to customers, empathizing with

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Integrating SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing to Drive Revenue

By Lisa Kember If I were to ask, “What is the number one source of revenue for your business?”  I’m willing to bet current customers would rank pretty high on your list. Constant Contact recently conducted a survey of small

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$2 tip leads to hotel empire

A young boy, newly emigrated from Italy, gets a $2 tip for delivering food to the room of a rude hotel patron and decides he wants to be in the hotel business. Domenic Meffe, Founder and CEO of Monte Carlo

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