Benefits of Hiring PWD

Author: Discover Ability Network  The Covid 19 pandemic brought the world to a stand still. In Ontario, this resulted in numerous lock downs and restrictive measures which were particularly felt on businesses. The lasting effect of the pandemic response is


Author: Discover Ability Network  In March of 2020 the world came to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Ontario government called a state of emergence and immediate shut down of all non-essential businesses in hopes of “flattening the

Experiencing an uptick in chargebacks? We can help.

Author: Elavon Over the past two years, global eCommerce shopping has surged, now with 54 percent of all adult consumers shopping online more frequently than they did before the pandemic.1 This increase in eCommerce transactions has also led to a 39 percent

A Seat at the Table

Author: Discover Ability Network  As Canadians we continuously strive for a barrier free society built on equity and fairness. While steps have been taken towards this admirable goal, more can still be done. This is the central belief for “A

Unleashing the Power of Accommodations

Author: Discover Ability Network  There are many ways that we can define disability – we can use a medical or legal approach, a charity model, or the social model of disability. The most common definition has been the medical model