Optimize Your Business for the Mobile World

Here’s the reality: whether you’ve actively embraced it or not, your business is already mobile. This is because your audience is reading your emails, viewing your website, and searching for you on their mobile devices. So the question isn’t whether or not to go mobile, it’s how to optimize for mobile in order to achieve the best business results.

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Is your organization in it for the ride or really going somewhere?

By Fred Pidsadny Unlike the aimless ‘Sunday drive’ where the journey is the benefit, the success of organization travel is typically defined by achieving a stated goal. The plan or the journey is not the goal. While the journey may

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3 Marketing “Best Practices” That Aren’t Always the Best Practice

By Chris Hubbard Everyone wants to do what works and avoid what doesn’t. That’s why the concept of following best practices is so ingrained in business. Top performers follow recognized best practices because they are proven to work. Maybe I

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Preparing your Will

By Dorothy Hagel Access to information is an important part of access to justice. People, who have information that they need are more likely to avoid legal problems altogether or prevent the problems they already have from becoming even bigger.

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Your people – and not you or your product – will ultimately determine the fate of your business.

By Jan van der Hoop My wife and I had the great good fortune recently to join some friends on a trip to France and Spain. It had been a while since we were last in France and we were

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Deep Fried Disaster – Before You Try Deep-frying a Turkey ……

By Dianne Rende Deep frying a turkey can produce succulent and moist meat, but it can also cause a fire capable of engulfing your entire home. If you choose to deep fry a turkey please take the proper safety precaution

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