What Makes a Will Valid?

By Dorothy Hagel A common question estate lawyers hear is “Do I really need a will?”  The answer is yes.  Wills are subject to certain formal requirements prescribed by law and unless these requirements are met, the document is not

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How You Distribute Your Estate May Make a Difference

By Dorothy Hagel The manner, in which the estate is distributed may make a big difference and may either contribute to thwart disagreements among beneficiaries or cause them. Suppose you own a boat and a motorcycle of a similar value

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Why do I need a Will? Part 2

By Dorothy Hagel Rules of the intestacy apply when dividing an estate of someone who died without a valid will. What’s intestacy? Simply put, intestacy is the state of dying without a valid will. When someone dies intestate, it means

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Preparing your Will

By Dorothy Hagel Access to information is an important part of access to justice. People, who have information that they need are more likely to avoid legal problems altogether or prevent the problems they already have from becoming even bigger.

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Where is my Grandma’s will?

By Dorothy Hagel Managing someone else’s affairs is a significant responsibility and not an easy job. This job becomes even more difficult when locating documents and information becomes an issue. It is therefore very important to ensure that the people

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