Collaborating with Academics

By Devin Kreuger It’s a familiar situation—one I’ve seen time and time again. Company A wants to collaborate with Institution B, but Company A has heard too many horror-stories of how difficult it can be to work with post-secondary institutions.

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Voucher program back for social entrepreneurs

By Teri Kirk Are you a social entrepreneur? Then you will be interested in learning more about the Ontario Social Impact Voucher (OSIV) Program, which can help your project to grow. The OSIV Program, now in its second round of

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3 Types of Online Advertising that Work for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

By Ben Molfetta Online advertising is something small and mid-sized businesses should explore to increase visibility, drive website traffic and generate inbound leads. Online advertising complements your other online marketing activities, and can be especially helpful in filling a void

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Feeling Frustrated Over Lackluster Strategy Execution?

By Richard Gerofsky It’s little wonder you’re feeling frustration – and you are certainly not alone.  Poor and untimely execution of business strategy is the most prevalent concern among business leaders throughout North America.  According to recent research, more than

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Designated Beneficiaries – Who Gets What?

By Dorothy Hagel Most people are aware that beneficiaries can be named directly on certain assets.  Life insurance and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) are the most common examples.  Sometimes the beneficiaries named directly on these special assets are the

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May is Vision Health Month. Do You Know What to do in an Eye Emergency?

By Dianne Rende Any injury to the eye could potentially lead to a loss of sight, which is why knowing first aid for the eye is so important. First Aid for the Eye To locate and remove a loose foreign particle

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