Elavon: Visa small business outlook for Canada in 2022

Author: Elavon According to Visa’s Spring 2022 Small Business Pulse report, while the past two years have been very difficult for small businesses in particular, business owners project success for 2022 and are highly optimistic about the future. On average in

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Collaborating with Academics

By Devin Kreuger It’s a familiar situation—one I’ve seen time and time again. Company A wants to collaborate with Institution B, but Company A has heard too many horror-stories of how difficult it can be to work with post-secondary institutions.

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Cracking the code on SMB B2B lead generation

By Chris Hubbard With some 2 million Canadian small and medium B2Bs and another 20 million or so in the US the lure for marketers is great. Despite the numbers though, cracking the SMB2B (yes I made this up, no

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Online Marketing: Critical to Your Long Term Success

By Ben Molfetta  The buying process has fundamentally changed. Business to business (B2B) buyers are increasingly going online to make decisions about product and service providers. Studies indicate that up to 90% of buyers are starting the buying process with

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4 steps to pick the right content for your B2B content marketing

By Chris Hubbard When clients engage us to help with their content marketing strategy, we often find that they haven’t sufficiently answered (or many times, even asked): “What content should we be producing?” This is a fundamental question that if

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Online Marketing and Your Business Development Process

By Ben Molfetta To get maximum impact from your online marketing activities, they must support every phase of the business development process. In simple terms, your online business development process consists of getting found, educating and nurturing your prospects through

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