Document Certification


As a recognized Chamber of Commerce under the laws of Canada, Mississauga Board of Trade is pleased to offer Document Certification Services. 

This valuable service lends credibility and authenticity to documents pertaining to exports of shipments and other documents related to international business. Certification is based on the requirements and regulations of the various importing countries.  

Our certification on Certificates of Origin and other export shipping documents is recognized worldwide wherever certification by a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade is required.

Mississauga Board of Trade does not issue Certificates.  It will only certify to the “Issuers sworn statement on the documents” and not to the document contents.

How to get started

The Letter of Waiver Package Requirement

All document certification clients are required to submit a Letter of Waiver Package to the Chamber.

The Package:

  • Letter of Waiver (Click here to open pdf)
  • Signature Authorization Form (Click here to open pdf)
  • Submission of Articles of Incorporation/ Masters Business Licence

The Letter of Waiver Package requirement is to maintain the integrity and credibility of our Export Documentation Certification Services and allow it to continue for your benefit.

Please note:

  • The Waiver must be signed by a company signing officer
  • The Waiver must be notarized/commissioned by an independent Notary, Lawyer or Commissioner of Oath. (The company’s signing officer cannot notarize/commission his/her own signature.)
  • A copy of the company’s “Articles of Incorporation” or “Business Licence” must be provided along with the Waiver.
  • If the address on the Articles of Incorporation differs from your current address, we require a copy of a government document that confirms the new mailing address: e.g. Notice of Amendment; Revenue Canada tax form cover page
  • Provide a list of the company employees and their signatures who are eligible to sign export documents per the attached “Signatures Form”.

The completed original Letter of Waiver & Signature Authorization Form is required before or at the time you require document certification services. If you have not provided these forms, we will be unable to provide document certification services to you. If you have any questions about the above items, please contact Ann Cozzi at 905-273-6151 ext. 220 or through e-mail [email protected].

Documents Certified by Mississauga Board of Trade

All Documents requiring certification must be originally signed by a company representative or agent of the exporter and Notarized by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oath. The following is a list of documents that the chamber is able to certify:

  • Certificates of Origin
  • Supporting Shipping Documents (Commercial Invoice or Packing List)
  • Business Visas
  • Invitation Letters
  • Agency/Representation Agreements
  • Government Documents Pertaining to Exports (Letters are issued as attachments to these documents)

Document Certification Requirements

Please ensure all documents submitted for certification meet the following requirements:

  • You must provide the Board of Trade with one additional original set of all documents presented for certification. Each document must be originally signed by a company officer or duly authorized agent and a Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.
  • The documents require two original signatures, in blue ink: the exporter's and the Notary Public's/Commissioner of Oaths'. Photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
  • If the document is written in a foreign language, it must be accompanied by an English translation signed by a signing officer of the company.
  • If the exporter is not a Canadian company, a Canadian representative's (e.g. freight forwarder's) company name and address must be specified on the Certificate of Origin.
  • The Consignee's (or Notify Party's) full company name and address must be included on the Certificate of Origin.
  • Board of Trade's template for a Certificate of Origin is available in "pdf" format or in "excel" format available from Document Certification Officers or in the template section.

Documents NOT Certified by Mississauga Board of Trade

We encourage companies to contact us prior to coming to our office to ensure documents are acceptable. MBOT reserves the right to refuse certifying documents should they be deemed unacceptable. The following is a list of documents that the chamber is unable to certify.

  • Certificate of Origins that refer to a “Free Trade Agreement” (e.g. NAFTA)
  • Government documents for personal use (Passports, Birth Certificates)
  • Personal documents (e.g. Bank or School documents)
  • Legal documents (e.g. Wills, Power of Attorneys)
  • Any documents MBOT deems unacceptable for certification or commissioning

Commissioner of Oath Service

For your convenience, a Commissioner of Oaths is available at the MBOT office. All documents requiring a Commissioner’s stamp must be signed in front of our Commissioner of Oath by an authorized representative of the company.

Mississauga Board of Trade’s Commissioners of Oaths are only able to witness signatures on the following types of documents:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Free Trade Certificates of Origin
  • Business Visa Letter
  • Letters of Authorization – (case by case)
  • Agency/Representational Agreements
  • Manufacturers Declarations
  • Affidavit for Veterinary Certificates for fur related exports

 NOTE: There are some documents that require a Notary Public’s signature and cannot be signed by Mississauga Board of Trade’s Commissioner of Oaths. These include: Commercial Invoices, Packing List and Personal Documents.