How University-Based Research is Funded

By Devin Kreuger I was speaking with an undergraduate student recently about the research of one of her professors, and she remarked in passing that she’d prefer her tuition dollars be used on student services rather than research. Her incorrect

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Make your R&D dollars go further with funding from Mitacs

By Teri Kirk Is your business gearing up for an R&D project? Then you will be interested in learning about two funding programs offered by Mitacs, a national nonprofit organization that delivers research and training programs. Mitacs Elevate The Mitacs

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How Do Social Signals Impact Your Search Engine Rankings?

By Ben Molfetta Social networking activity is having a greater impact on search engine results – and this will become more pronounced as search engine algorithms continue to get more sophisticated in how they monitor and assess social networking activity.

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The Strategic Importance of a “Strong Core”

By Richard Gerofsky I had this blog-to-be tucked neatly into bed, when a bright, shiny object caught my eye. It was the headline of a Linkedin post: “When change is constant, what can I rely on?” The discussion focused on

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How You Distribute Your Estate May Make a Difference

By Dorothy Hagel The manner, in which the estate is distributed may make a big difference and may either contribute to thwart disagreements among beneficiaries or cause them. Suppose you own a boat and a motorcycle of a similar value

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5 steps to meeting your occupational health and safety requirements

By Dianne Rende While Occupational Health and Safety requirements differ from business to business, and province to province, there are a few steps that can help determine the needs of a workplace. We recommend consulting the relevant province or territory

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What should I be when I grow up?

By Jan van der Hoop We’re in the thick of it: the time of year when parents and their teenage kids are agonizing over choosing their universities and their majors. For some of us, the question of ‘what to be

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