“You Want to do What? To Whom?” The Ethics of Research involving Human Subjects

By Devin Kreuger Human beings are curious creatures, and as such, we hunger for new knowledge and understanding. Thanks to our curious nature, we’ve reaped tremendous benefits for our society. In the social sciences and humanities, we’ve uncovered insights into

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Is your business in the mining sector? Find government funding today!

By Teri Kirk Prospectors and developers from across the globe gathered in Toronto last week to attend the 2016 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention. Many members attending the event were surprised to hear that PDAC is helping its

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Customer Value Proposition is like falling in love

By Richard Gerofsky Not long ago, I was working with a client to help them update, refine and focus their business strategy.  As is inevitable these days, we came to the subject of their Customer Value Proposition (‘CVP’). Five minutes

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What Is Epic Content and How Can It Help Your Content Marketing Efforts?

By Ben Molfetta If it isn’t already, creating and distributing epic content should be part of your online marketing strategy because of the tangible results it can deliver. Epic content has the potential to grow your business’s online presence by

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Capricious Testator – the Canadian Stork Derby

        By Dorothy Hagel One of the most (in)famous cases in Canadian estate litigation is the case involving the will of Charles Millar, a barrister known for his unusual sense of humor. Charles Millar died as a

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When hiring, start with shared values

By Jan van der Hoop One-third of all hiring decisions fail, according to management guru Peter Drucker. No other aspect of business would ever be allowed to tolerate such a high failure rate… why do we accept it as a

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First Aid and CPR are changing once again – for the better

By Dianne Rende Five major agencies including St. John Ambulance, Canadian Red Cross, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Ski Patrol and the Lifesaving Society are implementing improvements to first aid and CPR practices. Approximately every five years, the

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