May is Vision Health Month. Do You Know What to do in an Eye Emergency?

By Dianne Rende Any injury to the eye could potentially lead to a loss of sight, which is why knowing first aid for the eye is so important. First Aid for the Eye To locate and remove a loose foreign particle

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First Aid and CPR are changing once again – for the better

By Dianne Rende Five major agencies including St. John Ambulance, Canadian Red Cross, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Ski Patrol and the Lifesaving Society are implementing improvements to first aid and CPR practices. Approximately every five years, the

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Sprains, Strains and Automobiles

By Dianne Rende The most recent statistics published by the Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)1 reports that although the workforce has grown by almost 9%, the number of registered claims has decreased by 36% and injured workers are returning

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5 Signs Your First Aid Instructor Is Not Teaching to Ontario Standards

 By Dianne Rende How do you know if your first aid training provider is delivering the Ontario required first aid curriculum to your employees?   Most employers will assume that if they pay a company a fee for the delivery of

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Top Five Characteristics of a Good First Aider Candidate

By Dianne Rende In Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) contain regulations relating to first aid in the workplace. It is a common misconception that certifying one employee in First Aid

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