Is it Time to Scrap Training and Development?

By Fred Pidsadny Each year I meet with senior business leaders who are ready to throw in the training and development towel – once and for all. They lament about investing in pricey team-building exercises, work-style assessments and new systems

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Are we getting any better at executing strategic plans?

By Fred Pidsadny I’ve been wondering about that ever since I read the groundbreaking June 2008 Harvard Business Review report, “The Secrets to Successful Strategy.”  That study revealed that a full 60 per cent of organizations assessed themselves as ‘poor’

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Give your Strategic Plan a Healthy Dose of CLARITY

By Fred Pidsadny Let’s face it: many strategic plans are a collection of lengthy, meaningless and often-grandiose statements about mission and vision. Some can be uncomfortable to read aloud; others can be downright cringe-worthy. Indeed, some organizations spend precious time

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Is Strategic Planning a waste of time and money?

By Fred Pidsadny The answer to the question depends on who is being asked. The results of a major study of 1000 companies, government agencies and not-for-profits in over 50 countries, reported in Harvard Business, were rather shocking……well at least

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