Embarrassed By Your Organization’s Poor Results?

By Richard Gerofsky Embarrassed By Your Organization’s Poor Results? Ouch. It’s little wonder you’re feeling embarrassed – and likely bewildered as well.  After all, people are working hard and execution in general is at a high level.  Things ought to

Feeling Frustrated Over Lackluster Strategy Execution?

By Richard Gerofsky It’s little wonder you’re feeling frustration – and you are certainly not alone.  Poor and untimely execution of business strategy is the most prevalent concern among business leaders throughout North America.  According to recent research, more than

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Organizational Culture- it’s complicated – or is it?

By Richard Gerofsky During his introductory remarks, the presenter asked “What is organizational culture?”.  After a momentary silence, someone to my right called out “Complicated!”.  Soft chuckles, muffled sighs and wry smiles bloomed around the room.  Complicated, indeed. But why?

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Customer Value Proposition is like falling in love

By Richard Gerofsky Not long ago, I was working with a client to help them update, refine and focus their business strategy.  As is inevitable these days, we came to the subject of their Customer Value Proposition (‘CVP’). Five minutes

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The Strategic Importance of a “Strong Core”

By Richard Gerofsky I had this blog-to-be tucked neatly into bed, when a bright, shiny object caught my eye. It was the headline of a Linkedin post: “When change is constant, what can I rely on?” The discussion focused on

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Wringing Great Results Out Of Great Ideas (or, “Where’s the beef…?”)

  By Richard Gerofsky A colleague of mine is fond of saying “all great ideas should lead to work for someone”; the idea being that great ideas must drive action – and that the driving needs to be someone’s responsibility.

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Is your organization in it for the ride or really going somewhere?

By Fred Pidsadny Unlike the aimless ‘Sunday drive’ where the journey is the benefit, the success of organization travel is typically defined by achieving a stated goal. The plan or the journey is not the goal. While the journey may

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How the Green Bay Packers redefined strategy execution – and what businesses can learn from it

By Fred Pidsadny Unstoppable. It’s what opposing coaches said of Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers of the ‘60s, the iconic football club from small-town Wisconsin. Over a seven-year time span, the Packers out-executed team after team, one rich

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Is your organization suffering from silo fever?

By Fred Pidsadny Earlier this year Harvard Business Review published results of a large-scale study of 8,000 managers from 250 organizations on the topic of why strategy execution unravels. The data were a big surprise to many, especially related to

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Use the 80-20 Rule to Get Your Strategic Plans Executed

By Fred Pidsadny In the late 19th century Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto made a startling observation: he found that 80 per cent of the country’s land was owned by only 20 per cent of the population. Upon further reflection, he

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