How to Operationalize Your Online Content Strategy

By Ben Molfetta Online marketing is all about content. You must be a content publishing organization to be successful online; the first commitment you need to make as you embark on your online journey is to consistently produce and distribute current,

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Keep Them Coming Back: How to Cultivate a Base of Loyal Customers

By Lisa Kember Turning one-time customers or clients into loyal fans and business advocates can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Not only will you be receiving their business again and again, but these loyal customers are likely

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Optimize Your Business for the Mobile World

Here’s the reality: whether you’ve actively embraced it or not, your business is already mobile. This is because your audience is reading your emails, viewing your website, and searching for you on their mobile devices. So the question isn’t whether or not to go mobile, it’s how to optimize for mobile in order to achieve the best business results.

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Didn’t we automate marketing? Optimization ideas for the real world

By Chris Hokansson Automated inbound marketing campaigns are great for lead generation and conversion, but don’t let the “automated’ aspect of these campaigns fool you. You don’t just turn them on and let them run. You may get some moderate

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Online Marketing: Critical to Your Long Term Success

By Ben Molfetta  The buying process has fundamentally changed. Business to business (B2B) buyers are increasingly going online to make decisions about product and service providers. Studies indicate that up to 90% of buyers are starting the buying process with

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Why Automate Marketing?

By Chris Hokansson Marketing involves a great deal of creativity, and so the fact that many aspects of it can be automated may seem strange. But B2B marketing—when done right—is a process-driven activity that can benefit greatly from automation. And

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“Don’t Have Time” for Online Marketing? Try Taking Just 1 Hour a Day

By Ben Molfetta As business owners we’re all extremely busy and constantly having to make choices about how to spend our time. One of the areas we often neglect is marketing, and more specifically, online marketing. But if you want

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How Small Businesses Can Use Word-of-Mouth to Stand Out from the Competition

By Lisa Kember Anyone in business knows that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool they have. But traditionally word of mouth has had its challenges. There are little or no ways to tell what people were saying

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Should you optimize your website for users or Google?

By Chris Hokansson Everyone understands that in some way ranking high in Google searches is vital to online marketing success. But just how important is it? In a study of 465,000 keywords and 5,000 websites, conducted by Philip Petrescu and

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Online Marketing and Your Business Development Process

By Ben Molfetta To get maximum impact from your online marketing activities, they must support every phase of the business development process. In simple terms, your online business development process consists of getting found, educating and nurturing your prospects through

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