Designated Beneficiaries – Who Gets What?

By Dorothy Hagel Most people are aware that beneficiaries can be named directly on certain assets.  Life insurance and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) are the most common examples.  Sometimes the beneficiaries named directly on these special assets are the

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Why do I need a Will? Part 2

By Dorothy Hagel Rules of the intestacy apply when dividing an estate of someone who died without a valid will. What’s intestacy? Simply put, intestacy is the state of dying without a valid will. When someone dies intestate, it means

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Why do I need a Will? Part 1

By Dorothy Hagel It’s quite common to hear someone say “I don’t really need a will.” People believe that their estates are “small” or “simple” and that “everyone gets along.” Often, people are convinced that letting their wishes be known

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Preparing your Will

By Dorothy Hagel Access to information is an important part of access to justice. People, who have information that they need are more likely to avoid legal problems altogether or prevent the problems they already have from becoming even bigger.

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Protecting your privacy…or not…(Part 2)

 By Dorothy Hagel In the previous article about the privacy issues we discussed the obligation of banks, hospitals or other institutions to provide records containing private information to persons to whom the information belongs when request for information is made.

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