Federal Mandate Letters: What new funding will your business be able to access?

By Teri Kirk Is the new Liberal Government planning to launch important new incentives for your business here in Mississauga? On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released mandate letters outlining the government’s policy objectives for the next four years. While

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Get your business ready for funding with these 5 easy steps

By Teri Kirk In my last post, I discussed how the process of finding and securing funding for your business can (almost) entirely be done online. But what if your business isn’t quite ready to go that extra mile and

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Can your business complete the process of raising financing entirely online?

By Teri Kirk Nowadays, almost every process a business person undertakes can be done online, from Googling a client’s address, to sending out an email, to filing your taxes. But will the complex processes behind securing government funding or raising

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Tapping into the U.S. funding market is now easier than ever

By Teri Kirk When exploring their options for growth, many entrepreneurs first consider expanding or exporting south of the border to the United States. In fact, you maybe already have a small office in the U.S. or begun to export

Ontario business secured $7.1B in 2014

By Teri Kirk Finding the perfect fit between your business and government funding programs may sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but new data show that the rewards are in the billions for Ontario companies. Throughout

Ontario businesses secure $1.25B under government funding programs in single quarter

By Teri Kirk Businesses in Ontario secured $1.25 billion from government funding programs in the third quarter of 2014 alone – are you taking advantage of this important source of business funding? In fact, data compiled by The Funding Portal

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The type of funding you likely haven’t heard about

By Teri Kirk Traditional government funding instruments like grants, contributions and tax credits are well known to Canadian businesses, but you may not have heard about vouchers, a new type of industrial incentive that could greatly contribute to your growth

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