How University-Based Research is Funded

By Devin Kreuger I was speaking with an undergraduate student recently about the research of one of her professors, and she remarked in passing that she’d prefer her tuition dollars be used on student services rather than research. Her incorrect

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What should I be when I grow up?

By Jan van der Hoop We’re in the thick of it: the time of year when parents and their teenage kids are agonizing over choosing their universities and their majors. For some of us, the question of ‘what to be

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The Case For University

By Devin Kreuger  There has been much talk in the news recently about how on average, and for most people, post-secondary education has a high payoff. Specifically, findings from researchers Greenstone & Looney shows that “On average, the benefits of

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Business lessons learned from George Ross, Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man

By Lorenzo Escobal Have you ever thought of leaving the corporate world and starting your own business? It will be a rough road, but it is a rewarding experience. I started my own business, Inception Automotive Detailing, when I was

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A Win-Win-Win Proposal for Employers, Students, & Institutions

 By Devin Kreuger The GTA is home to world-class post-secondary educational institutions, so local businesses have numerous low-risk options for recruiting top-notch personnel. No doubt you already know about campus-based Career Centres, but have you considered taking on an internship

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9 Essential Skills Employers expect to see in a Graduate Student

 By Rosa Lokaisingh Few students have it – the 9 essential skills that an employer expects to find when hiring a graduate student. Those who took on leadership roles in their academic institutions, like President or Director of the Student

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Networking for the young(er) generation

By Monika Rumin NGen (Next Generation) is MBOT’s brand of networking and education series for young professionals aged 40 and younger. NGen’s mission is to Engage Professionals, Develop Connections and Create Opportunities. NGen hosts 4-5 events a year, but NGen

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Let’s Rendezvous to Talk Science

By Devin Kreuger If you happened to be visiting the Central Library on May 9, you may have stumbled upon Science Rendezvous—an annual celebration of all things science. Aimed primarily at children and youth, Science Rendezvous is an “annual festival

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Is there really a skills gap, or is it a communications gap between individuals, industry, education and government?

By Rosa Lokaisingh So we have jobs without people and people without jobs. We have a relatively high national unemployment rate — particularly among youth — that persists as employers complain they just can’t find the labour they need. But

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Whose responsibility is it to prepare students for the workplace?

By Rosa Lokaisingh This question is an ongoing discussion for parents, students, academia and business today? Academia says their role is to provide students with an academic education that allows them a range of vocational choices in their related field

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