MBOT Supports Downtown Mississauga Community Improvement Plan

April 11, 2017: The Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) supports the recommendations of the Mississauga Planning & Development Committee approved last night to create a Downtown Mississauga Community Improvement Plan. The staff report and recommendations were approved unanimously. That the

Ontario Throne Speech hints at increased support for manufacturers

By Teri Kirk Manufacturers, particularly those in the auto sector, may receive higher levels of government support in the coming year, according to the Liberal Government’s Throne Speech, released on Sept 12. Published once per year, the Throne Speech outlines

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Three common mistakes: What’s it like to be your employee?

By Jan van der Hoop We spend a lot of time answering questions from business leaders about how to hire the very best people for their business. Everybody wants the very best talent money can buy (in a perfect world

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The easy route to blowing the doors off your sales plan

By Jan van  der Hoop If you ran a business with an 80% defect rate in a core product, what would you do? Truth is, that’s likely the defect rate in your company’s hiring decisions. If your organization is normal,

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Increase Inbound Leads through Strategic Link Building

By Ben Molfetta It is crucial for most businesses to get ranked as highly as possible in search engine results. There is a direct correlation between search engine rankings, website traffic and inbound leads. Much of your website’s ranking is

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Embarrassed By Your Organization’s Poor Results?

By Richard Gerofsky Embarrassed By Your Organization’s Poor Results? Ouch. It’s little wonder you’re feeling embarrassed – and likely bewildered as well.  After all, people are working hard and execution in general is at a high level.  Things ought to

A Shift in Compensation for Personal Care

By Dorothy Hagel Traditionally, family members have been expected to care for aging or infirmed relatives out of love or a sense of duty.  Being compensated for such actions, no matter what these actions entailed or how long they continued,

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The Changing Career Path – How the Workforce is Changing and What you Need to do About it

By Marc Belaiche and Nicole Paloucci The workforce is constantly evolving and employees need to keep up with it. Temporary workers are on the rise, and even preferred by some employees. According to Statistics Canada, part-time jobs have increased by

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Peel Police + Psychology Professor = Productive Partnership

By Devin Kreuger Being a police officer isn’t all parking tickets and drunk and disorderly calls. There are times, as a cop, when split-second, life-or-death decision-making is necessary. It’s not hard to imagine that in situations of extreme stress—when lives

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Organizational Culture- it’s complicated – or is it?

By Richard Gerofsky During his introductory remarks, the presenter asked “What is organizational culture?”.  After a momentary silence, someone to my right called out “Complicated!”.  Soft chuckles, muffled sighs and wry smiles bloomed around the room.  Complicated, indeed. But why?

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