Needed Clarity is Welcomed, yet Concerns Remain around the ORPP

By Peter Nogalo The Ontario government has provided welcomed clarity around an issue of chief concern to the province’s business community—not to mention one which has thrusted itself square into the middle of the current federal election. As a refresher,

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The Importance of Non-Partisanship

By Peter Nogalo It would be an understatement to suggest the election of an NDP government in Alberta–long considered Canada’s most conservative province—would be the equivalent of a political earthquake. Yet after four decades of essentially one party rule, early

Questions remain about Ontario’s Proposed Pension Plan

By Peter Nogalo Economists and actuaries have sounded the alarm that some Canadians are simply not saving enough for their retirements. Both the federal and provincial governments recognize this as a potential problem, with both supporting significantly different remedies. The

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The Case for Policy

By Peter Nogalo In an era of seemingly perpetual scandal and corresponding public cynicism, it can sometimes be difficult to make the case for public policy, let alone politics. Still, sound public policy and governance are key components to building

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MBOT gives input at pre-budget consultation with Ontario Minister of Finance

By Sheldon Leiba On January 28, I had the opportunity to represent MBOT at a pre-budget consultation meeting in Mississauga hosted by Ontario Minister of Finance and Mississauga South MPP, Hon. Charles Sousa.  Amrit Mangat MPP  Mississauga-Brampton South was also

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