Home Care or Retirement Home—What’s Best for my Senior Loved Ones?

Author: Vyta Home care or retirement home—What’s best for my senior loved ones? When researching living arrangements for your senior loved ones, you’ll likely find two main options: 1) retirement homes, and 2) the one most older adults prefer—aging in

The Pandemic, Canadian Businesses, and the Government’s Response

Author: J D Factors The financial burdens which the COVID-19 pandemic put upon Canadians was especially felt by Canadian businesses and their owners. The unprecedented level of decreased revenue led many business owners to consider the stark possibility of closing

“Good” Names that make for “Bad” Trademarks

Author: Avery Lee, Associate & Trademark Agent, KMB Law Notes Keep it short and similar format Minimalistic Distinctive Customer knowing your product; suggestive See presentation today and article Whether you are part of a startup or an expanding business, it’s

Understanding the Road Ahead

Author: Canadian Western Bank Automotive dealers face an industry turbocharged for change – your bank should understand the road ahead. Today’s fast-evolving business landscape makes it more important than ever for Canadian auto dealers to have a flexible financial partner

Changin’ Times Demand Creative and Innovative Thinking

Author: Nathaniel Barr, Sheridan College For the times they are a-changin’. That classic phrase rings as true today as when Bob Dylan first sang it nearly six decades ago — particularly in the business world, where the Fourth Industrial Revolution,

Less is More: 5 Tips to Save Time, Money, and the Planet

Author: Deborah Kenley, Senior Coordinator, Green Corporate Grounds, Credit Valley Conservation If you own, rent, or operate a commercial property, the choices you make around landscape management directly impact the environmental sustainability and the public image of your business. Here’s

Summer in the City

Author: Steve Rhone, 2023 MBOT Chair, President & CEO, Weston Forest Members and friends of Mississauga businesses, I hope you are all enjoying summer in the city.  As we soak in the warmth, it’s an opportune time for contemplation. I

Looking Out for Our Members is Job #1

Author: Trevor McPherson, President & CEO, Mississauga of Board of Trade This August will mark my two-year anniversary as President and CEO of the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT). I was fortunate to join a vibrant organization with a talented

Key Considerations When Selling Your Business

Author: Katherine Trigiani, Lawyer, Pallett Valo LLP If you are planning on selling your business, there are several items you will want to consider to maximize your financial gain and preserve your negotiating position. The following is not an exhaustive

No One Gets Left Behind

Author: Adrianne Fekete, Founder, Star Quality Private Investigations® Star Quality Private Investigations® is an Award-Winning Canadian, full-service private investigation agency.  Our commitment is to provide evidence through confidential, customized private investigation services that empower individuals, legal teams, and corporations. SQPI®