Premier Wynne Almost Got It Right

The Premier made some changes to her cabinet and as the saying goes, it was close but NO cigar. The file for small business has been given to the Hon. Jeff Leal (Peterborough), who is currently responsible for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

As did the Prime Minister fail the business community, so does the Premier of Ontario. This is nothing more than a “pat on the head” for small business, as it is obvious, the Premier does not believe business is important enough to deserve a dedicated Minister.

Considering the Premier has Ed Clark, the former Top Gun at TD Bank, as her “Key Business Advisor”, we would have hoped that Mr. Clark would have been able to help the Premier understand the needs and the value of business in the province.

Your Mississauga Board of Trade will continue to lobby the Provincial government directly and through the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for a dedicated Minister for Business. Hopefully between now and the Provincial election in 2018, the Premier will see the light.