Healthy Communities Will Help Ontario Businesses Thrive

Healthy Communities Will Help Ontario Businesses Thrive:  The Mississauga Board of Trade and Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Ontario Chamber Network calls on Ontario’s next government to take bold action in building resilient infrastructure and creating more housing density

May 9, 2018 – Mississauga, Ontario – Following Monday’s first leaders’ debate of the election campaign, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) today called on all political parties to invest in transit and transportation infrastructure and create adequate housing stock across the province. In the Ontario Chamber Network’s Vote Prosperity platform, increasing housing supply and creating resilient infrastructure are an important part of the foundation in building healthy communities within Ontario.

The OCC and MBOT would like political parties to introduce strategic growth policies to increase density and create more housing stock and adaptable infrastructure. In addition, the OCC and the MBOT would like to see a single transportation authority in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

“Our members want to see transportation infrastructure investments and adequate housing supply where Ontarians will see a return, ensuring people and goods can move quickly and easily as well as keep our economy moving,” said David Wojcik, President & CEO, MBOT.  “The MBOT and OCC is urging Ontario’s next government to strengthen our communities so we can support prosperity and growth, ensuring our businesses and people thrive.”

The OCC and MBOT welcomes commitments from all parties for investment in transit, transportation infrastructure, and increasing housing supply. However, all infrastructure commitments must be accompanied by a cost-plan on how to achieve that goal, as well a clear completion timeline for which they are accountable to the public.  Ontario’s next government must be accountable for the commitments that are made and how progress is made against each commitment.

Building Healthy Communities is the third pillar of prosperity in the Vote Prosperity platform and calls on the next government to:

  • Focus on strategic growth policies by ensuring that land use planning and development regulations are aligned, to increase density and create more housing stock.
  • Build adaptable and resilient infrastructure stock that can address future pressures including climate change and demographic shifts.
  • Develop a single transportation authority in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA).
  • Strike a Health Cabinet to improve information-sharing and break down budget silos between Ministries.
  • Reform the procurement and supply chain processes within the Ontario health care system.

“There is a direct correlation between the health of our communities and, the strength of our society, and the ability of our economy to transform lives,” added David Wojcik.  “We need to build strong communities through adequate and affordable housing, sustainable health care, and resilient infrastructure.”

In October, the OCC and MBOT along with its 135 chambers of commerce and boards of trade across the province, released Vote Prosperity, a platform outlining the business community’s priorities for the upcoming 2018 provincial election.

For more information about the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Vote Prosperity platform, please visit our website.


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