MBOT Member Logo


As a valued member of Mississauga Board of Trade, we encourage you to use our Member Logo in your marketing materials. By displaying the board logo you are demonstrating that your business is a member of Mississauga’s leading business organization. You are also elevating MBOT’s presence in the community and enhancing the value of your membership investment.

Only Mississauga Board of Trade members, in good standing, are authorized to use the logo.
In maintaining the integrity of the Board’s image, we request that you follow the guidelines listed below.


1. The Board’s logo should only appear in the official MBOT colours blue, yellow and white. The only other acceptable combination is black and white. Each version is available upon request.

2. The electronic version of MBOT logo is supplied in JPEG format.

3. Mississauga Board of Trade requests that the clear space surrounding the MBOT logo be respected when using it for any promotional material. It serves as a barrier from distracting imagery of any kind, including words, photographs and graphics. The clear space also determines the minimum distance the Board’s logo can be placed from a printed document’s edge.

4. The elements of MBOT’s logo must be always used together. The logo must be treated as a whole unit and resized proportionately. For purposes of clarity, the logo must be always used on a light or white background. It should appear horizontally and free-standing.

5. Do not use MBOT’s logo, symbol or wording as part of a sentence, or incorporate it with non-related symbols or graphic elements. No other written information, visual elements such as product names or pictures, or organizational logo(s) can appear within the white space surrounding the MBOT logo.

6. Minimum size specifications for use of the logo should maintain a width of at least five eighths of an inch.

Right-click on the image and select “Save image as” to save to your desired drive/device. 


Member Logo – Blue


Member Logo – Gold


Member Logo – B&W