Online Certification

What is Online Certification?

  • Apply for Certificate of Origin over the Internet
  • Your application is received instantly at MBOT
  • MBOT reviews your application online
  • On approval, you are notified via e-mail
  • Print the certificate at your own desk – stamped and signed by MBOT
  • Option to request MBOT to print your certificate and return via courier
  • In the event of problems with your application, you are notified online – you can make corrections in minutes and instantly return to MBOT for approval

Benefits of Online Certification

  • Apply anywhere you can access the Internet
  • Application transmitted instantly to MBOT
  • Eliminate or reduce courier expense or trips to MBOT
  • Secure technology – same as used for online banking
  • The fastest way – by far – to obtain a Certificate of Origin

Why use Online Certification?

Increase productivity, reduce staff costs

Online certification provides exporters and forwarders with faster processing of documents, giving better service to customers at reduced costs. Agents using the system report significantly reduced times to make documents available with more efficient management of staff, especially at peak times for shipments.

The easy-to-use system automatically navigates users through a series of work-flows required to make online Certificate of Origin applications. This “DIY” system means that your staff will require a minimal amount of training. As a result, staff productivity will be increased, administration and staff training costs will be reduced and the “human error” costs associated with handling applications manually will be removed through automation.

Take a look at the USER GUIDE to see how easy it is!


Our Chambers of Commerce-approved Certificate of Origin (COO) creation and certification service is the best way of getting accurate compliant export documents including all COOs; EUR1 (preferential duty), ATR (preferential duty for Turkey), EC (European Community) & Arab. The system rules also ensure AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) compliance so that you maintain the highest service levels for your customers.

How much does it cost?
Please refer to price list here.

Think of how much you can save on courier fees, gas, and/or staff time by not having to get these documents signed in person!

How do I get started?

Easy!  Complete a Letter of Waiver form, have it notarized by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths (MBOT cannot notarize this document), scan and email the Letter of Waiver to us (to set you up faster), and mail us the original (address).

Download a Letter of Waiver

Once you’ve submitted your completed Letter of Waiver, we’ll set you up as a user.  You will receive an email with further instructions.

If you have any questions about this service or its process, please contact Hiliary Jewer at 905-273-6151 ext. 260.



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