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The Environmental and Sustainability Award recognizes a Mississauga based business that has made or is working toward an environmental achievement. This business has made a significant long-term commitment to the environment and their corporate social responsibility exceeds normal practices. They are leaders, innovators and their achievements will have a broader community impact.

Award criteria quick reference:

1. You may be nominated for up to three categories.
2. Previous winners are not eligible to be nominated for the same award for a three-year period.
3. The Organization may only win one award.
4. To qualify, you must have a Mississauga based business.
5. Franchise(s) are not eligible unless otherwise specified.

Criteria for Eligibility & Selection:

1. Contributes to the environmental well-being of Mississauga, or the environment.
2. Demonstrates commitment to integrating environmental considerations into their organization’s structure and function.
3. The organization has taken on an early adoption of “green” products and/or process.