January 21, 2015, Kevin Sorenson, Minister of State for Finance participated in a pre-budget roundtable with more than 25 MBOT members Wednesday afternoon.
Sorenson is travelling across Canada seeking input from the business community for the upcoming federal budget. Central themes presented by the minister included questions that ranged from how the government could help business grow and hire new employees to what it could do to spend more effectively as well as skills training and global trade. The minister was also looking for advice on where the government might find savings to support its balanced budget objective.img_8951-small_size1-300x185IMG 8951-small_size1

MBOT members talked about:
– Removing red tape around business assistance programs
– The need for a long term commitment to infrastructure investment
– National transportation strategy that supports business needs
– An immigration policy that better recognizes the skills of immigrants and meets the needs of employer
– Reducing youth unemployment.
– Investment in research and innovation to stimulate new businesses and jobs
– Connecting Canadian innovation with foreign opportunities
– enhancing politech and the trades
– National HR strategy to develop talent needs for future

Sorenson told the group the government was committed to a balanced budget, low taxes and job creation through skills training and development as well as continued support for infrastructure investment. He said he welcomes the opinions of other business leaders in Mississauga. If you are interested please visit Consulting with Canadians.

Four local MPs participated in the roundtable- Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert; MP Stella Ambler, Mississauga South; MP Brent Butt, Mississauga – Streetsville and MP Wladyslaw Lizon, Mississauga East – Cooksville.

During the meeting MBOT’s Policy and Government Relations Chair Peter Nogalo presented the minister with “Mississauga Works,” MBOT’s policy priorities document.

The Roundtable was one of four MBOT’s Policy & Government Relations Committee hosts a year where invited members have access to key policy decision makers.