March 22 – Mississauga Board of Trade Responds to Announcement on Hurontario LRT

Mississauga, Ontario  – March 22, 2019  – Yesterday, the Minister of Transportation and CEO of Metrolinx announced that the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) project through the City of Mississauga will proceed but with changes to the design and route of the line.

The Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) welcomes the announcement that this important public transit investment will go forward for Mississauga, MBOT is disappointed in some of the changes to the line from the original project.

Of particular concern is the elimination of the city centre loop which would have better connected the entire Mississauga downtown core into the main Hurontario line.  MBOT is hopeful that this may become a reality later after the main line project is complete.

The development of Mississauga’s City Centre remains an important priority for MBOT which will bring many more thousands of jobs to the City.  A fully functional LRT line that connects Mississauga’s downtown is essential to this growth.

The MBOT also commends the Province for agreeing to continue to fund 100% of the capital cost of the LRT constructions and its commitment to work closely with the City of Mississauga on the construction and eventual operation of the Hurontario LRT.

“Time to get the shovel in the ground and make the Hurontario LRT a reality,” said David Wojcik, President & CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade.  “This public transit investment will be a significant improvement for people movement supporting jobs and families in Mississauga.”


Media Contact:

David Wojcik, President & CEO

Mississauga Board of Trade

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