January 19, Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership candidate Christine Elliott outlined her economic platform for MBoT members at the Lakeshore Convention Centre today.
She criticized the Liberal Government for its mismanagement of the economy and expressed concern for young people looking for work in the province. She said there is too much at stake not to accept today’s economic realities and pointed to the recent Auditor General’s report to illustrate how badly the Liberals have mismanaged the economy.img_5054-300x225“We need to take control of the economic future of our province with a plan that includes fiscal responsibility and social compassion.”

Elliott outlined four priority areas:
Lower taxes and sound economic management – a competitive tax structure for residents and business
The need to attract entrepreneurs and innovators to make us more competitive on the global stage
The development of a energy policy that supports business with reliable and affordable energy
Smart Investment in infrastructure that supports economic balance, partnering with the private sector
“I want Ontario to become the economic powerhouse in Canada once again, so our children can stay in Ontario and not have to look elsewhere for jobs,” she said.