City of Mississauga Approves Municipal Accommodation Tax

February 7, 2018 | Mississauga, Ontario – Today the City of Mississauga approved a 4% municipal accommodation tax that will be charged on overnight stays in hotels, motels and short term accommodations. Mississauga City Council did so under new regulations by the Province of Ontario that permits municipalities to establish a tax on these stays.

The Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) has been actively engaged in this issue to ensure that the views of hotel operators are included in the city’s program and that money raised is dedicated back to tourism and related activities that support the sector.

During his deputation to Mississauga City Council, MBOT CEO David Wojcik stated, “We need a dedicated Tourism Bureau in Mississauga, for Mississauga and run by the stakeholders of Mississauga. Let’s remember that this tax is a levy on guest stays and charged and collected by Mississauga hotels, motels and short-term accommodations. According to Mississauga City staff, this represents close to 60 properties plus any STA stays.”

He further stated that, “The Mississauga Board of Trade has met with our members in this sector and their message is clear. Revenue generated from this tax must be re-invested in the sector charging and collecting it, through tourism and related activities that increase overnight stays.”

Now that Council has approved the by-law to establish the tax, the City will create a system for the levy and collection of the tax.

A further report is expected to go to Council later this spring on setting up the program for the allocation and spending the money and the possibility of establishing a Mississauga Tourism Bureau.

“This is a great opportunity for Mississauga to stand on its own in marketing our city as a tourist destination while working with Tourism Toronto and Destination Ontario. As the third largest City in Ontario, Mississauga deserves to be recognized as a vibrant stand-alone tourism destination where visitors can soak in the Mississauga culture, sights and experience we all know and love,” Mr. Wojcik concluded.

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