Brad Butt – Stay-At-Home Order Lifted – PODCAST

It looks like the stay at home order for Peel Region will lift on March 9th, but the big question is will Mississauga move to the red zone? To bring us up to speed on this stories and more is Brad

MPP Rudy Cuzzetto – Provincial Government Update – PODCAST

From public transit investment to assessing potential legislation, the provincial government has been busy at work. To tell us more is Mississauga-Lakeshore MPP Rudy Cuzzetto. MBOT RADIO · MPP Rudy Cuzzetto – Provincial Government Update

Cameron Groome – Rapid Testing For COVID-19 – PODCAST

With new strains of COVID and talks of Ontario re-opening for business, rapid testing plays a major role in keeping Canadians safe. What is being done to make controls accessible and ensure accurate test results? To tell us about the contributions of Microbix is Cameron Groome, President and CEO. 

Peter Hall – Can Countries Go Bankrupt During COVID? – PODCAST

COVID-19’s effects varies from country to country. Some have overcome and are back to normal. Others are enduring the second or third wave. But in terms of risk, what is COVID-19’s impact on Canada and the global economy? To help

Brad Butt – Peel Ready for the Red Zone – PODCAST

Property taxes are set for 2021 and there’s a possibility Peel may be entering the red zone on March 8th. To bring us up to speed on these stories and more is Brad Butt. Brad is the Vice President of

Ken Tencer – Intraprise° – PODCAST

If you were to glance at the word, you may think it’s a spelling mistake. Not to be confused with entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship is an important tool in business innovation. To help us with the conversation is Ken Tencer. Ken is

Rocco Rossi – Ontario Economic Report – PODCAST

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has released the 2021 Ontario Economic Report. What did the report highlight and how can this information help on the road to recovery? To help us understand the O-E-R’s findings is Rocco Rossi. Rocco is

Peter Hall – Is The End of COVID A Mirage? – PODCAST

It’s hard to get excited about growing economic activity and plummeting COVID infection numbers when the past year has been riddled with highs and lows. But today’s trend is encouraging. To help us with the discussion is Peter Hall. Peter

Brad Butt – Will Peel Re-Open? – PODCAST

Peel’s reopening date of February 22nd looks to be up in the air, but vaccines will be arriving as early as next week. To bring us up to speed on these stories and more is Brad Butt. Brad is the

Dr Lawrence Loh – The Local COVID Update – Extended – PODCAST

In-person learning at schools has begun and parts of Ontario have re-opened for business. But Peel Region remains under the stay-at-home order. What’s the hold up? To help us with the discussion is Dr. Lawrence Loh. Dr. Loh is the

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