New MBOT blog aims to provide useful content for members

By Sheldon Leiba
sheldon-headshot-2014-webToday we launch the MBOT Blog, a place where we will share content that we believe you will find interesting and useful.

We have approached a number of our members to share their expertise in areas like marketing, media, business planning, human resources, social media, tax planning, family-run businesses, public relations, finance, sales, social media and training and asked each to write a monthly blog. We are looking to provide some old fashioned business advice but also new trends, changing landscapes and anything that can impact how you grow your business.

There undoubtedly are other areas of interest and we are open to any ideas that you may have.
We will also keep you informed about events, where you can network and meet other members, opportunities to learn through workshops and seminars and political trends that might affect your business. As you know, the Mississauga Board of Trade is your key business connector and we will keep you up to date on how we are serving and representing your interests.

I see our blog very much as an evolving communication tool, so don`t be shy and let us know how you feel by leaving comments. We wish you all a successful and prosperous year.

 Sheldon Leiba is President and CEO of the Mississauga Board of Trade. He can be reached at [email protected].

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