MBOT is pleased to provide invaluable certifying and Commissioner of Oaths services to your business.  Guidelines around these services continue to evolve and change, and we strive to be up-to-date to ensure that the services we provide are done correctly, meets clients needs and are in legal conformity.

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Certification Commissioner of Oaths Certifying & Commissioner of Oaths Certification

(Courier fees extra)

Member $17.50 per set $24.00 per set $32.00 per set $39.55 DIY

$50.85 Full Service per set

Non-Member $26.50 per set $30.00 per set $48.00 per set $50.85 DIY

$62.15 Full Service per set


A “set” is defined as a group of documents pertaining to the same invoice/shipment/subject (up to a maximum of 12 pages). Documents will be counted as one “set” as long as they list the same consignee address and same list of goods or reference number; OR up to 12 originals of the same document. The fees include 13%HST

Note: everything MUST match on all documents in order for it to be counted as one set and this matter is non-negotiable.

Payment Options
Cash, Cheque, Debit and major credit cards are all accepted. Companies can also charge their certifying services on account and be invoiced once a month. To open an account, please contact Finance & Administration at 905-273-6151 ext. 250 or email [email protected].