The Post COVID Revolution

Author: David Wojcik CEO & President Mississauga Board of Trade On March 17, 2020, our world stopped. That was the day, the Premier of Ontario issued his first emergency order which put shutters on thousands of small businesses across the

Inclusive Workplaces are a Win-Win for Employers

Author: Philip J. Fogarty, KPMG The war for talent can find employers competing on the grounds of wages, benefits, and company perks. And while these are certainly table stakes in talent negotiations, companies cannot underestimate the value of a genuinely

How to Prepare for a Data Disaster

Author: Stephanie Baird, LOGIX Data Products Inc. When a data disaster strikes, your employees will not have access to the data and applications they need to perform their job. Having your employees waiting around while your system is down is

Orchard Villa long term care: How experience and strong relationships helped us tackle an unknown pandemic

Author: A&O Contracting On the 24th of April, 2020, our long-term customer, Lakeridge Health, requested us to respond to the COVID19 pandemic outbreak at Orchard villa long term care home. At this point, much about the virus was still an

Business Success through Personal Growth: Foundational Training and Coaching

Author: Larry Lall, Business and Personal Coach The MECC Cornerstone Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “An army marches on its stomach.” He knew that the ability to feed his army determined the extent of his success for each conquest. Today, this

The Process of Selling Your Business Has Already Begun

Author: Bill Black, President/Exit Planner Exit Planning Group When you started your business, it was probably obvious that you needed a plan. It may be less obvious, though, that when you leave your business, no matter how you do it,

Revolutionizing your Resolutions: Make 2021 a Year of Growth by Learning How to do Business in the Era of the Next Abnormal

Author: Ken Tencer – CEO, Spyder Works Inc. I think we can all agree, 2020 was quite a year. From a global pandemic to a rapidly changing work environment and economic uncertainty, the changes we’ve seen have come to affect

Who Are Those Masked People on The Cover?

Author: Ellen McGregor, CEO Fielding Environmental Chair of MERG (Mississauga Economic Recovery Group) Even with a mask, you will no doubt recognize our illustrious MBOT Chair and partner with Speigel, Nichols, Fox – Susanne Balpataky, MBOT President & CEO –

Business as Usual In Unusual Times-How Our Essential Plumbing Business Makes It Work During the Global Pandemic

Authors: Mike and Vesna Kolakovic, Owners Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Mississauga ON During the COVID-19 global pandemic, essential businesses like plumbing have been key to ensuring people have access to the products and services they need to survive. We provide

Helping Your Business: CECRA Applications – Who Can Apply and What is Covered

Author: KMB Law During the COVID-19 economic crisis, both commercial landlords and commercial tenants have suffered material impacts to their business and revenue streams.  On April 16, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced the Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (the