Is there really a skills gap, or is it a communications gap between individuals, industry, education and government?

By Rosa Lokaisingh So we have jobs without people and people without jobs. We have a relatively high national unemployment rate — particularly among youth — that persists as employers complain they just can’t find the labour they need. But

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Three simple strategies to turn the Birds of a Feather theory to your favor

By Jan van der Hoop There’s an old adage that birds of a feather flock together. We naturally prefer to surround ourselves with others who share our attitudes, values and standards. This truth of human behavior is at work in

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Measure what matters: three unusual predictors of performance

By Jan van der Hoop Are you seeing top candidates, or top performers? Over the years we’ve been taught to look for specific things when we evaluate candidates: a good cover letter, a solid résumé (and God help them if

Is ageism depriving your company of top talent?

GUEST BLOGGER By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco Has your company reviewed its HR policies and practices for age prejudice? Has it committed to a multi-generational workforce as part of its diversity initiatives? Has it looked not just at how to combat ageism–in

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Best Practices for Using Social Media to Find Candidates

By Marc Belaiche With the significant increase in how much time people spend on social media, it’s no secret that when you’re looking to recruit for your organization, social media can be an effective medium for you to use to

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Put yourself in the top 10% Lead with the four critical aspects of fit.

By Jan van der Hoop Nearly 90% of the time, the reason people fail in their job has nothing to do with skills or experience, and everything to do with attitudes and fit. We’ve all hired someone who looked great

Why checking references has never been more important

By Marc Belaiche This article covers why reference checking has become a vital step in the hiring process for all organizations. Tougher Job Market Given the economic downturn of recent years, some job seekers may be more likely to take

Growing gap between what business needs and what education provides

By Rosa Lokaisingh The lack of hard data in our marketplace – an information gap that makes it difficult to begin to understand which skills are required for employment, what practices are the most promising in training youth to become

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Three big reasons to ditch the résumé

By Jan van der Hoop Résumés have been around for so long, we just take them for granted. They became popular after WWII, and the essence of the document has not changed in the last 75 years. But relying on

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Fish where the fish are

By Jan van der Hoop Fish where the fish are: Five simple tips for attracting the right people to your business Placing ads on job boards, hoping people will send you their résumé, just isn’t enough any longer. Even if

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