Late-Live “Love” and Testamentary Distributions

Clarence is an unmarried, elderly gentleman. His will provides that the bulk of his estate is to go to Sandra, a young friend, while his relatives receive relatively small bequests.

Estate Matters for Common-Law Couples in Ontario

Dorothy Hagel A common misconception surrounding estate issues is the belief that common-law couples have the same rights to inherit as couples who are legally married. Common-law couples are those couples have been living together in a conjugal relationship but

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What Makes a Will Valid?

By Dorothy Hagel A common question estate lawyers hear is “Do I really need a will?”  The answer is yes.  Wills are subject to certain formal requirements prescribed by law and unless these requirements are met, the document is not

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Designated Beneficiaries – Who Gets What?

By Dorothy Hagel Most people are aware that beneficiaries can be named directly on certain assets.  Life insurance and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) are the most common examples.  Sometimes the beneficiaries named directly on these special assets are the

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How You Distribute Your Estate May Make a Difference

By Dorothy Hagel The manner, in which the estate is distributed may make a big difference and may either contribute to thwart disagreements among beneficiaries or cause them. Suppose you own a boat and a motorcycle of a similar value

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