Business lessons learned from George Ross, Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man

By Lorenzo Escobal Have you ever thought of leaving the corporate world and starting your own business? It will be a rough road, but it is a rewarding experience. I started my own business, Inception Automotive Detailing, when I was

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In your business, what’s the asset and what’s the commodity?

By Jan van der Hoop We’ve all been guilty, at one time or another, of chasing something we think is important, while totally missing something far more valuable right under our nose. It’s a classic story line in the movies

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No does not mean no and don’t ever give up

Ky Joseph’s talent and business savvy are the guiding characteristics that helped her become a successful business woman in an industry previously dominated by men. Joseph was the keynote speaker at our Growth and Power Breakfast series Jan. 22, at

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