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The recipient of the Mississauga Tourism Resiliency Award is recognized with regards to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration in the tourism industry. This award will be presented to an industry specific business in innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.

Award criteria quick reference:

1. You may be nominated for up to three categories.
2. Previous winners are not eligible to be nominated for the same award for a three-year period.
3. The organization may only win one award.
4. To qualify, you must have Mississauga based business.
5. Franchise(s) are not eligible unless otherwise specified.

Criteria for Eligibility & Selection:

1. For activities between January 1-December 31, 2022
2. For a product, venture, initiative or campaign that directly benefited the Mississauga tourism sector and/or the business community.
3. A Mississauga business within the tourism industry who has demonstrated sustainable practices/initiatives along with support for their local communities
4. Have had a positive impact on quality of life in Ontario
5. Demonstrated adaptability and successful application of a current or new method, product, service or technology.