The Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award, named after notable community volunteer and husband to former Mayor Hazel McCallion, is presented to an individual or business based in Mississauga recognizing their outstanding dedication and achievement in volunteering within the community. They extend community support beyond their business or professional responsibilities.

Award criteria quick reference:

1. You may be nominated for up to three categories.
2. Previous winners are not eligible to be nominated for the same award for a three-year period.
3. The individual or organization may only win one award.
4. To qualify, you must have Mississauga based business.
5. Franchise(s) are not eligible unless otherwise specified.

Criteria for Eligibility & Selection:

1. Provide three (3) examples of community involvement in Mississauga.
2. Provide a description of the involvement for each example (i.e., participation, contributions, and in-kind support).
3. Demonstrate outcome of involvement based on the above examples.
4. Provide two (2) references.