The Innovation and Technology Business Award was designed to recognize a Mississauga based business that is making great strides in development and growth through the creation or use of unique methods, products, services, or technologies. They have quantifiable growth within a new or prevailing market.

The Business Person of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding individual who has best demonstrated exceptional business leadership, vision, business acumen and community involvement contributing to business development and quality of life in Mississauga. They can be a Manager, CEO or CEO equivalent or have an entrepreneurial spirit, with a commitment to the community at large.

The Inclusive Employer of the Year Award will be presented to a Mississauga business that fosters a workplace culture that promotes diversity, educates staff about equity-deserving groups, and creates a supportive and welcoming environment for all people.  This company demonstrates creativity and solutions-based strategies to accommodate persons with diverse abilities throughout the interview, hiring, training, and on-boarding process.

This organization provides ongoing support and commitment to helping employees be successful in their roles and cared for as a person.  It compensates employees with diverse abilities fairly and equally, pursues opportunities to train, mentor, and promote within the organization, demonstrates a commitment to hiring inclusively repeatedly over time and promotes inclusive hiring and best practice amongst the local business community.

The recipient of the Mississauga Tourism and Hospitality Award is recognized with regards to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration in the tourism industry. This award will be presented to an industry specific business in innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.

Mississauga is a hotbed of international trading activity, with its diverse business community and leading-edge, innovative products and services marketed globally. The International Trade Award recognizes an existing Mississauga business for their success in pursuing and penetrating global markets and diversifying their export market activities, resulting in both revenue and job growth for the organization.

The Large Business of the Year Award is presented to a Mississauga based business that has 50+ employees and has been in business for a minimum of 5 years. The winner of this category exemplifies consistent and exceptional achievement from an overall operating perspective (product, marketing, community involvement and employee relations).

The Not-for-Profit of the Year Award recognizes a registered Not-for-Profit or charitable organization that has committed themselves to the service of others within the Mississauga community and beyond. They are innovators and leaders that are providing programming and services for the betterment of the community and have made measurable strides in their operating and growth.

The Creative City Business Award recognizes outstanding Mississauga companies actively contributing to a more appealing creative identity who understands the human spirt and how it relates to their business culture that expands outside the building. This award is to distinguish and highlight the creative contribution of a for profit business.

The Award goes to a project of the year recognizing a new corporate sponsored initiative or creative space, through art installation or performance that adds significantly to the creative identity of the city.

The Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award, named after notable community volunteer and husband to former Mayor Hazel McCallion, is presented to an individual or business based in Mississauga recognizing their outstanding dedication and achievement in volunteering within the community. They extend community support beyond their business or professional responsibilities.

The Small Business of the Year Award is presented to a Mississauga based business that has fewer than 50 employees and has been in business for a minimum of 5 years. The recipient of this award will go above and beyond in business and will be using innovative methods to market and build community relations.

The Environmental and Sustainability Award recognizes a Mississauga based business that has made or is working toward an environmental achievement. This business has made a significant long-term commitment to the environment and their corporate social responsibility exceeds normal practices. They are leaders, innovators and their achievements will have a broader community impact.