Can Cryptocurrency be Inherited?

Author: Craig Ross, Partner, Pallett Valo LLP Is cryptocurrency legal in Canada? The Government of Canada has stated that cryptocurrencies are not a form of legal tender in Canada, and a few Canadian banks have banned the use of cryptocurrencies

How to Secure Your Website

Author: A J Rana, CEO & Founder of Solsnet If you own a website, you’d probably be faced with the fear of seeing your work wiped out or significantly altered by a nefarious hacker. You’ve really put in a lot

Member Spotlight: David Shaw

Read time: 3 minutes Who are you and what is your role at MBOT? My name is David Shaw and along with my business partner Lucy, we are owners of Nurse Next Door Mississauga. I’m an independent business owner who

Talent Gap: The Evolution of Professional Service Providers

Author: Kevin Beaudry, SIOR MCRE Senior Vice President, Principal Avision Young Commercial Real Estate The evolution of professional service providers is impacting everything you touch from banking to accounting, legal and yes commercial real estate advisors! Think about the impact

Reflexology: Rebooting your Mind and Body

Author: Carol Heslin Leigh The Sole Point Reflexology You are a business owner.  You feel over worked and juggling too many tasks.  Your stress levels are off the charts and you couldn’t honestly say when you last slept peacefully.  You

Strengthen your Trademark, Strengthen your Brand

Author: Joanne Gilbert, Keyser Mason Ball LLP. When choosing a trademark that will be the face of your brand, remember that building its value in the marketplace will depend on your ability to protect it. The goal of any good

The Post COVID Revolution

Author: David Wojcik CEO & President Mississauga Board of Trade On March 17, 2020, our world stopped. That was the day, the Premier of Ontario issued his first emergency order which put shutters on thousands of small businesses across the

Inclusive Workplaces are a Win-Win for Employers

Author: Philip J. Fogarty, KPMG The war for talent can find employers competing on the grounds of wages, benefits, and company perks. And while these are certainly table stakes in talent negotiations, companies cannot underestimate the value of a genuinely

How to Prepare for a Data Disaster

Author: Stephanie Baird, LOGIX Data Products Inc. When a data disaster strikes, your employees will not have access to the data and applications they need to perform their job. Having your employees waiting around while your system is down is

Orchard Villa long term care: How experience and strong relationships helped us tackle an unknown pandemic

Author: A&O Contracting On the 24th of April, 2020, our long-term customer, Lakeridge Health, requested us to respond to the COVID19 pandemic outbreak at Orchard villa long term care home. At this point, much about the virus was still an

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