Understanding the Family-Business

Author: Philip J. Fogarty, KPMG Partner and GTA Audit Innovation Leader On the surface, family businesses share numerous traits with their non-familial peers. Dig deeper, however, and they are an entirely different breed. Priorities differ, issues of governance and succession

Meet the makers of Eco-Max

A short history of Prism Care Corporation, 2019’s Small Business of the Year. Two decades ago, the commercial cleaning landscape was on the cusp of change. Expectations for what defined a safe and effective cleaning experience were beginning to evolve.

Top 5 Deductions for Small Businesses

Author: Ali Raza Jaffer, CPA, CGA, MBA, BComm, Chartered Professional Accountant Taking the leap in becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most impactful changes one goes through as they evolve in striving towards their goals. As the small business

Dean Correia – COVID-19 – A Security Nightmare – PODCAST

Do you have a post COVID security plan? Protecting your people, property and profit will be different as the province, Canada and the global economy returns to active status. What should you be considering as you strategize? Where are the

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MBOT Supports Downtown Mississauga Community Improvement Plan

April 11, 2017: The Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) supports the recommendations of the Mississauga Planning & Development Committee approved last night to create a Downtown Mississauga Community Improvement Plan. The staff report and recommendations were approved unanimously. That the

How to Stand Out Like The Worlds Biggest Brands (Part 2)

By Echo Wang There are good businesses and there are outstanding ones.  Those that differentiate themselves are the ones that truly thrive and stay in the minds of their customers. Coming up with proven ways to do this is the

Late-Live “Love” and Testamentary Distributions

Clarence is an unmarried, elderly gentleman. His will provides that the bulk of his estate is to go to Sandra, a young friend, while his relatives receive relatively small bequests.

How To Stand Out Like The World’s Biggest Brands (Part 1)

Talented entrepreneurs trying to break into their respective industries often find themselves overshadowed by powerful front-runners.

Ontario launches SMART Green Program for manufacturers

Ontario has launched a new $25M program to help SMEs in the manufacturing sector to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and become more energy efficient.
The SMART Green Program is a partnership between the government of Ontario and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). The fund will assist businesses to invest in green equipment and process upgrades, including high-efficiency ovens, dryers, kilns, and furnaces.

5 Steps to Develop an Online Content Marketing Strategy

Fresh, relevant, and compelling content is central to all online marketing activities. To be successful online, businesses must commit to becoming content developing organizations. As more consumers and buyers rely on online sources to make purchasing decisions

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