Estate Matters for Common-Law Couples in Ontario

Dorothy Hagel A common misconception surrounding estate issues is the belief that common-law couples have the same rights to inherit as couples who are legally married. Common-law couples are those couples have been living together in a conjugal relationship but

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Three common mistakes: What’s it like to be your employee?

By Jan van der Hoop We spend a lot of time answering questions from business leaders about how to hire the very best people for their business. Everybody wants the very best talent money can buy (in a perfect world

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10 ways your small business can tap into government funding

  By Teri Kirk Government grants and tax credits are a great source of funding for small businesses. Unlike equity investments, grants mean you do not have to give up ownership in your business to attract this money. However, many

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Online Marketing Building Blocks

By Ben Molfetta Hopefully by now you have made a commitment to online marketing. If you have, it is imperative to put the appropriate mechanisms and processes in place to ensure your online activities have a direct impact on revenue growth.

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The easy route to blowing the doors off your sales plan

By Jan van  der Hoop If you ran a business with an 80% defect rate in a core product, what would you do? Truth is, that’s likely the defect rate in your company’s hiring decisions. If your organization is normal,

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July’s new funding programs for your business!

By Teri Kirk One of the most important aspects of securing funding for your growing business is always being on the lookout for new opportunities. Here’s a roundup of can’t-miss new or revised government funding programs that were announced this

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How to Operationalize Your Online Content Strategy

By Ben Molfetta Online marketing is all about content. You must be a content publishing organization to be successful online; the first commitment you need to make as you embark on your online journey is to consistently produce and distribute current,

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What Makes a Will Valid?

By Dorothy Hagel A common question estate lawyers hear is “Do I really need a will?”  The answer is yes.  Wills are subject to certain formal requirements prescribed by law and unless these requirements are met, the document is not

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Hidden Talent: The ROI of harnessing Diff-abilities

By Jan van der Hoop It’s funny how work can take you in some unexpected directions, if you’re open to it. Last summer, I reached out to Joe Dale, the Executive Director of the Ontario Disabilities Employment Network. We’d originally

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Government support for business reaches new heights

By Teri Kirk Government incentives paid to the top 500 business recipients in Canada are on the rise, according to the 2016 Funding Portal Top 500 index released earlier this month. The annual index identifies the 500 largest award recipients

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Mar 20

How will the 75% Wage Subsidy Impact our Economy – PODCAST

As the unemployment roles swell to record levels and government money is slow to connect with Canadians, the impact to...
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How Authentic Are You?
Keynote address by Michelle E. DiEmanuele l President & CEO of Trillium Health Partners.
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